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Russell Wilson and the #Seahawks grit and grind their way to victory in 2 straight games to open the season.

A SUPER opportunity!

It's the same ol' song for the New England Patriots, but the Los Angeles Rams have an opportunity to make history this Sunday!

Officially horrible!

Two amazing Conference Championship games were marred by horrible officiating mistakes.

Will we see another showdown between Goff and Mahomes, or can Brady actually do it again? 

Dont be "that" fan...

 Overrun...Run over...

A late charge falls short and the Seahawks season comes to an end with a 22-24 loss to the Cowboys. 12's should find solace in knowing that our team totally exceeded expectations. The foundation is in place for greatness moving forward.

The time for talk is over. The playoffs are here and it's win or go home! The Seahawks look to upset the evenly matched Cowboys on Saturday night.


 With the playoffs already a given, the Seahawks avoided disappointment with 27-24 victory against the division rival Cardinals. It took all 60 minutes and a walk-off field goal from Sebastian Janikowski, but the Hawks finish the 2018 regular season with 10 or more wins for the 6th time in the last 7 years.


The Seattle Seahawks punched their ticket to the Post Season with an impressive victory over the high-powered Kansas City Chiefs.

Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes duked it out to the tune of 6 touchdowns and 544 yards between them.

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